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Our Experience

 We have lots of experience. As a business coach Bart alone has over 38 years of experience in this industry. And yet experience alone does not do it, this is experience with results. We do tons of in store training and closing real deals and answering real phones.Its not just about training, (although we are great at that) as a business and management consultant we find solutions that sell more cars and develop leaders. As a business partner with John Maxwell, (the number one leadership guru in the world) we have a leadership development program that changes lives. We do in store training and on top of that provide videos and audios to support everyone's learning, so you can watch them over and over again. Lets get them good and then get them great!!!

Our Approach

Yes we  are a Sales and Leadership training organization. What makes us unique is we are about changing and growing young and old to be great people in all areas, not just great sales or leaders. We focus on the thinking that leads to quality of life, the building of habits that enhance  the character of the person, the tactics with integrity that increase results and ability to set a why that influences us and everyone we come in contact with. Its all about  #bcontagious and getting success and results. Its all about being a complete person and a superstar in the business.

Why Us?

We are so unique!  Unlike any other in this industry. Oh yea we will teach and coach and train on how to handle a call or an up or a lead, absolutely. We also coach by asking and listening and paying attention to the individual. Most importantly we teach  managers to be great coaches. Most don't even know what that really means. Great coaches lead by asking questions so that the men-tee comes to the success result on their own which leads to success long term.

As a business partner with the number one Leadership guru in the world, John Maxwell, Bart's teaching on leadership is like no other taught in this industry


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John Maxwell Leadership Game

You and your leaders have got to see this!! 

It's a fun and extremely powerful leadership assessment tool that opens up eyes, builds teamwork, and creates long term culture and results.

"Best meeting we have ever had with our leaders."

Andree    Phx Dealership


Free call assessment for all depts

Yes absolutely Free! we will look at your activity and then have an intentional road map for training for the next 3 to 6 months


We have skin in the game

We will be in store, yes, as well as weekly calls and webinars and audios and videos with staff. We have state of the art training tools that stick and get results. Like us? Lets keep going. We will work on bonus based on results. Don't like us? cancel anytime.